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2014 Discover Nature Photo Contest

Browse entry photos, find out how to add your own, and visit contest rules and winners. More

A Diffuse Light

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Landscape photography is not a point-and-shot endeavor. More

A Heritage on Film

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Bob Lindholm uses photography to express his love of nature. More

Backyard Wildlife

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Child in woods aiming digital camera
Discover the possibilities for nature photography in your own backyard. More

Better Mushroom Photos

Chanterelle Mushroom
Taking good photos can help you work out a mushroom's identity later on. Browse tips for taking better mushroom photos in the field. More

Blooming Talent

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Flowers are a popular and dramatic photo pursuit. More

Finer Focus

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A photographer takes pictures of wildflowers
Explore nature's depths with a camera and a little patience. More

Kids in Nature Photo Contest Winners

Evan Dale Edwards playing in the leaves
The photos and stories from this year’s Kids in Nature contest showed how much Missourians of all ages appreciate and support our great conservation heritage. More

Looking Through The Lens

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Conservationist Photographers gain a unique perspective on nature. More

Missouri's Winter

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A visual essay of a Conservationist photographer's favorite season. More