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Permit Renewal Time

This is your reminder to purchase the 2013 permits, so that you won’t miss any hunting and fishing opportunities this year. More

Permit Sales Reports

These annual distribution and sales summaries include sales data for hunting, fishing and trapping permits. More


Before you hunt or fish this season, make sure to buy your Missouri hunting and fishing permits. More

Permits and Requirements for Captive Game Birds

This brochure outlines the permits needed to release captive game birds. More

Predator Control for Landowners

I occasionally receive emails or phone calls from concerned quail hunters and landowners about the decline in bobwhite quail and grassland birds. I always provide them information on what Missouri is doing to restore habitat for bobwhites and grassland birds. More
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"Reflections" for the November, 1999 Missouri Conservationist. More

Regulations and Permits Definitions

Knowing regulations and permits definitions helps you abide by the Wildlife Code of Missouri. More

Resident Commercial Fishing Application

Resident application for commercial fishing, roe fish commercial harvest, and roe fish dealer permits. More

Resident Falconry Permit

Download and fill out this permit application practice falconry. More

Roe Fish Dealer Monthly Report Form

Downloadable monthly reporting form  for resident and non-resident roe fish dealers. More