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Bait Dealer Registration Application

All bait shops dealing with live fish or crayfish must register with MDC. Download this application to email or print your form and register. More

Big Game Hunting Preserve

Download this application to manage a big game hunting preserve. More

Building a Johnny House

I'll be honest. I can build some pretty darn good quail habitat, but I can't nail two boards together. More

Class I Wildlife Breeder Permit

Downloadable application for a Class I Wildlife Breeder Permit. More

Class II Wildlife Breeder Permit

Downloadable application for a Class II Wildlife Breeder Permit. More

Commercial and Collector Permits

Find the permits needed to become a wildlife breeder, collector or rehabilitator. More

Commercial Fishing Report Form

Downloadable monthly reporting form used by resident and nonresident commercial fishermen. More

Coyote and Fox Trapper Record for Hound Running Area

Downloadable hound running area operator’s coyote and fox trapper record form. More

Deer hunters reminded of changed permit format, tagging procedures

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A new YouTube video shows how to “bag it, notch it, tag it and check it.” Free permit protectors are available from conservation agents and MDC offices. More

Deer Permits

To hunt deer in Missouri, you must buy, carry, and use the proper permits. Browse the various kinds of deer-hunting permits and find out how and where to purchase them. More