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2014 Resident Landowner Permits

Browse qualifications for Missouri resident-landowner hunting permits for deer and turkey. More

2014 Spring Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information

Download Missouri's spring turkey-hunting regulations and information for 2014. More

2014 Summary of Missouri Fishing Regulations

Missouri's 2014 fishing regulations come into effect March 1, 2014, and remain in effect through February 28, 2015. More

2014 Summary of Missouri Hunting and Trapping Regulations

Missouri's 2014 hunting and trapping regulations stay in effect from March 1, 2014, through February 28, 2015. More

A Benefit of Age

I had another birthday recently and find myself rapidly closing the gap toward age 60. More

A Lifetime of Hunting and Fishing

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Three special permits allow Missourians to support wildlife management, save money and enjoy... More

About e-Permits

Questions about using Missouri’s e-Permits system? Get answers here. More

Age Affidavit

Age affidavit for Missouri residents age 65 or older to allow free fishing and small game hunting. More

All About Captive Wildlife

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Know what it takes to keep captive wildlife and exotic animals safely and legally. More

Are Your Permits Expired?

If these warm spring days are making you think of going fishing, be sure to add “check permit” to your list of things to do in preparation. More