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Peregrine Falcon History at Commerce Tower

Read about the nesting history at the Commerce Bank Tower located in Kansas City.

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Peregrin falcon inspecting her egg

Peregrine Falcon Inspecting Egg

The falcon inspecting her egg.

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peregrine falcon

Peregrine falcon nests in Kansas City area produce 13 young birds

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Peregrine Falcon Presenting Food

Video of a male Peregrine Falcon presenting food to a female Peregrine Falcon.

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Peregrine Falcon Web Camera

Our nest-box web camera at Ameren Missouri lets you watch a pair of peregrine falcons raise their young from March to June.

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Peregrine Falcon with her egg

Peregrine Falcon with Egg

The first egg laid in the nest box.

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Peregrine Falcons Feeding Chicks

Video of the parent Peregrine falcons preparing and feeding prey to their chicks.

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