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In the logs woods, foresters may need to self-evacuate by splinting.
Wilderness First Aid helps foresters and others who spend time outdoors be better prepared in case of emergency. Steve Orchard and Travis Lowery practice splinting the leg of Paden Grant, all foresters from the Ozark Region. More

Spring Rain

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A spectacular storm teaches us how precious and life-giving water is. More

Sue Bockman with Trophy Walleye

Sue Bockman with the spoils from a successful day of walleye fishing
Sue Bockman hoists up two of the fish she hauled in on her family fishing trip on the Current River.  More

That Ornamental Could Be a Menace

Callery Pear
Shannon County residents learn the hard way that careful selection of your ornamentals may prevent heartache later. More

The Accidental Tourist

When loggers find an abandoned desert tortoise in Shannon County, it reminds us to choose pets carefully. Abandoned exotic pets can create long-term impacts on the health of Missouri's forest, fish and wildlife. More

The Mosaic of an Ozark Forest

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Overstory research crew measuring trees
The large-scale, long-term Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project aims to evaluate forest management practices and their effect on flora and fauna. More

The Ozark Trail

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All paths lead to wonder. More

Thirty Miles & Thirty Pounds: Three Days on the Ozark Trail

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"Eight college degrees among the three of us, and we don't know how to set up a tent." More

Tie-ing the Past to the Future

ties would choke the Current River in the early days of Ozarks timber harvesting
At a recent reenactment of a tie drive on the Current River, volunteers were reminded of the rugged individuals who routinely rode the rafts each Spring and of our conservation roots. More

To the Animals, It Just Smells Like Home

Continue the hunting heritage of the Ozarks by making your own cover scent gathered at your favorite hunting spot. More