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4-Layer Persimmon Spice Cake

Learn how to make a persimmon spice cake with this recipe. More

Black Walnut

Image of a black walnut leaf
Juglans nigra
Easily Missouri’s most valuable tree, the black walnut provides the finest wood in the world, as well as delicious nuts. Both are in high demand and thus form an important part of Missouri’s economy. More

Black Walnut Cake

A cake rich with black walnuts and brown sugar. More

Breakfast Treats

Start the day right with these delicious alternatives to doughnuts! More

Cookies and Candies

Missouri's wild abundance is the basis for many unusual, delicious treats - just right for lunch boxes or keeping a cup of coffee company. More


Put Missouri's wild bounty to work in these delicious variations of traditional cakes, pies and other sweet after-dinner treats. More

Fruit and Nut Recipes

Missouri has an abundance of seasonal fruits, berries and nuts - try them with these recipes. More

Glazed Nuts

Walnuts or pecans, cinnamon and brown sugar, delicious! More

Hickory Nut Sandies

Try this delicious alternative to Pecan Sandies. More

Main Dishes

Did you know that Missouri's wild fruits and nuts add a delightful sparkle to savory main dishes? More