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Brown-Headed Cowbird Egg In Dickcissel Nest

Photo of three dickcissel eggs in a nest plus one cowbird egg
Cowbirds lay eggs, singly, in the nests of other birds to be raised by unwitting host parents. The baby cowbird hatches before the other eggs and grows fast, getting more food and often leading to the death of its hosts’ own young. This non-nesting lifestyle apparently is an adaptation to the cowbirds’ nomadic life following bison herds. More

Falcon in Flight

Peregrine Falcons Soar
An adult peregrine falcon soars near a nest box in Kansas City. More

Mourning Dove Nest With Eggs

Photo of mourning dove nest with two eggs
Mourning doves court in April. Usually 2 eggs are laid in a flimsy nest and are incubated for 14 days. Squabs are fully fledged at about 2 weeks. Once a pair complete their first nest, they start on the next. They can have as many as 7 nesting attempts between late March and early September. More

Mourning Dove On Nest

Photo of a mourning dove on its nest
The male mourning dove collects sticks for the nest, bringing them to the female, which constructs the nest. Upon hatching, young squabs are fed “pigeon milk,” a nutritious secretion from the adult crop gland. After about a week, the young are weaned to seeds. More

Purple Martin Nest With Eggs

Photo of purple martin nest with eggs
Purple martins usually produce only one brood per year. Competition with introduced European starlings and house sparrows, which aggressively evict and sometimes kill young and adult martins, contributes to an overall long-term decline in martin populations. More