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Renaissance at Snake Ridge

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Dick and Esther Myers work to improve land neglected for nearly a century. More

Return of the Native... Shrubs

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Innovative landscapers use hardy native shrubs for a natural look. More

Runge Nature Center to hold native plant sale and program March 23

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Learn about and purchase native flowers, shrubs and trees from Missouri vendors. More

Runge Nature Center to hold native plant sale March 22

Garden Coneflowers
Native plants offer alternatives to the traditional water- and chemical-dependent manicured lawn. More

Shrubby Fencerows make good Neighbors

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Fencerows provide crucial shelter, food and nesting areas for Missouri's wildlife. More

Spring Wildflowers Popping Up

This is my favorite time of year when finally I start seeing new life pop up in the woods, along the streams, across the fields. More


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Prairie grasses are an attractive habitat to a wildflower garden. More

The Look and Life of the Prairie

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A Texas County couple harvest or raise a variety of prairie plants and grasses. More

The Missouri Native Plant Society

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MONPS members care for native plants. More

Think native when replacing landscape trees

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flowering dogwood tree
Smart choices can prevent problems. More