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Natural Missouri... from the Road

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Even when glimpsed at highway speeds, native plants offer a sense of place. More

Nature Center hosts Native Plant & Garden Seminar

Painted lady butterfly
This free event is open to everyone ages 18 and up. Register by February 28. More

On to the Next Bed

On to the Next Bed
Volunteers begin planting another bed. More

Opportunities to Grow Native!

Learn how to use native plants in your home landscape. More

Ozark Witch Hazel

Image of Ozark witch hazel.
Hamamelis vernalis
This large native shrub occurs in and along dry, rocky streambeds in southern and east-central Missouri. The flowers are yellow, ribbonlike and—get this—bloom as early as January. When they mature (in the fall), the seeds are ejected forcefully, to a distance of up to 30 feet! More

Plant Poaching

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A rising demand for medicinal herbs is fueling plant piracy. More

Planting Instructions

Volunteers get instruction
Volunteers listen to instructions about how to work on the green roof. More

Powder Valley hosts workshop to introduce homeowners to benefits of native plants

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blackeyed susan
Learn how to beautify a landscape, lower costs of maintaining it, and help wildlife in the process. More

Putting Native Plants to Work

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These natural tools make your landscape beautiful, resilient, and useful to wildlife. More