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Deer Gardening

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Can gardeners and white-tailed deer coexist? More

Dig in!

Planting gets underway
Planting gets underway. More

Finish Line In Sight

Finish Line In Sight
Master Naturalists and MDC volunteers can see the final beds. More

Getting Started

Volunteers await instruction. More

How Mulch Longer?

How much longer?
With planting nearly done, the mulching begins. More

Important Plants for Quail

You can help attract bobwhite quail to your land by planting shrubs that create food and shelter for quail. This video shows you how. More

Improve Your Property

Browse topics on improving your Missouri property for wildlife, fishing, aesthetics, and farm and timber profitability. More


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"Miscellany" for the April 2010 Missouri Conservationist. More

Native Landscaping for Wildlife and People

A reporter recently told me that the word “landscaping” appeals more to people today than “gardening” because it sounds like less work. More
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Native Plant and Garden Seminar

Would you like to learn more about landscaping with Missouri's rich array of native plants? Download, print out and fill in this application out for MDC's upcoming March 8, 2014 Native Plant and Garden Seminar to participate. More