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A Shopper's Guide to Building With Nature

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Landscaped to attract birds and butterflies
Making real estate and landscaping choices with wildlife in mind. More

Attend native plant seminar at Cape Girardeau Nature Center

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blackeyed susan
The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the Cape Girardeau County Master Gardeners will host the sixth annual Native Plant Seminar at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center on March 3. More

Back Cover

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This seed head of silver beardgrass glows in the morning sunlight. More

Backyard Wildlife

By providing sources of food, water and cover, you can turn your yard into a lively place full of fun-to-watch Missouri wildlife. Topics in this section show you how. More

Can You Find the Quail in This Photo?

While you ponder the number of quail in this shrub thicket, consider that quail rely on dense shrubs every day. More

Cape Girardeau Nature Center to host native plant seminar

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Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center

Cliff Hangers

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Wildcat Glades in Joplin, MO
Some of Missouri's most interesting native plants enjoy life on the edge. More

Conservation Education

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"Conservation Education" for the May 2009 Missouri Conservationist. More

Create Your Own Naturescape

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You can create an intriguing space woven with greens and textures and dotted with brilliant colors by planting native grasses and wildflowers. More

Curse of the Bush Honeysuckles

This booklet shows you how to identify and control bush honeysuckles, and then use Missouri native shrubs to provide high-quality habitat. More