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Black Powder Deer Hunt

See how some modern-day deer hunters are turning back the hands of time using black powder in this video. More

Getting Worked Up Over Black-powder Deer Rifles

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Master the pioneer skill of "working up" an accurate, efficient hunting load. More

Gunsmith makes history haunt MDC Lake City Shooting Range

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Richard Dale builds his own flintlock shotguns and is a dead-eye target buster with them. More

Hunting with a Muzzleloading Shotgun

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From hunting doves to tagging turkeys, a muzzleloading scattergun offers fun and challenge. More

Matching up with a Modern Muzzleloader

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What might Daniel Boone have chosen? More

Muzzleloader harvest tops 15,000

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Missouri’s muzzleloader harvest continues to grow with increased opportunities and advances in muzzleloading technology. More


These 10-point antlers are reputed to be more than 160 years old.
Antlers from a deer shot 160 years ago in Monroe County stir musings about yesteryear. More