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Table Bc04: Mussel Species in the Current River Watershed

Mussel species in the Current River Watershed.

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Table Bc05: Mussels Sampled from the Fox River Basin

Table Bc05: Mussels Sampled from the Fox River Basin.

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Table Bc08: Freshwater Mussel Species Found in the Lower Black River Subbasin

Freshwater mussel species found in the lower Black River subbasin.

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threehorn wartyback

Threehorn Wartyback

Obliquaria reflexa
Among all the mussels of Missouri, this is perhaps the easiest to recognize: As the shell grows, large knobs are produced, first on one shell and then on the other, in an alternating pattern.

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Amblema plicata
Sometimes called the blue-point, this mussel species is widely distributed in Missouri rivers and is occasionally found along reservoir margins.

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wabash pigtoe

Wabash Pigtoe

Fusconaia flava
A widespread mussel that releases its larvae in tiny red packages to attract fish hosts.

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Quadrula nodulata
This favored habitat of this vulnerable species is large streams or rivers in firm sand and mud. The bumps on the shell may help to anchor it in the river bottom.

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When Clams Go Fishing

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Missouri mussels rely on remarkable tricks to help their offspring hitch a ride on fishes.

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white heelsplitter

White Heelsplitter

Lasmigona complanata
The shell of this mollusk is large and impressive in overall size. Although fairly flat, it can be more than 8 inches long. A large wing on the heelsplitter can be painful if you step on it.

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yellow sandshell

Yellow Sandshell

Lampsilis teres
The uniform shell thickness and hard, white nacre made this mussel a favorite for button manufacturing, in the days before most buttons were made of plastic.

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