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giant floater

Giant Floater

Pygandon grandis
When a floater dies, this large mussel with a thick shell will actually rise to the water surface and float as it decays.

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Illinois DNR: Mussels

Excerpts from Illinois DNR's book on mussels.

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Toxolasma parvus
These diminutive mollusks are the smallest of Missouri’s freshwater mussels.

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Making Mussels

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Biologists help strengthen mussel populations, turning back the tide of extinction.

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maple leaf


Quadrula quadrula
The mapleleaf spawns in the summer, using catfish as a host.

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Mini Monsters "Musseling" into Missouri

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The mussels are coming! The mussels are coming!

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Missouri's Freshwater Mussels

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These intricate and colorful bottom dwellers face new threats.

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Quadrula metanevra
Finding the monkey’s face in this mussel's shell is left up to the imagination.

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Actinonaias ligamentina
One of the most widespread and numerous mussels in southern Missouri.

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Mussel and Clam Regulations

Browse Missouri mussel and clam regulations for methods, seasons and limits.

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