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Table Bc02: List of the Freshwater Mussel Species Collected from the Grand River Basin

List of the freshwater mussel species collected from the Grand River Basin More

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Nearly 78 percent of all North American freshwater mussel species have rapidly declining populations, and the elephant-ear (Elliptio crassidens crassidens) is no exception. More

Biologists say mussel population is healthy despite heat wave

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Mussel Survey in Southeast Missouri
Mussels are indicators of water quality so they are doing well, it's a good indicator for water quality as well. More

Bluefer (Purpleshell)

Potamilus purpuratus
Like the pink heelsplitter and fragile and pink papershells, the bluefer uses freshwater drum as a host. More


Lampsilis reeveiana
Includes three subspecies, Ozark (broken rays), Northern (Britt’s) and Arkansas (Reeve’s). More


Ellipsaria lineolata
The butterfly is one of the most beautiful of Missouri’s mussels. More

Curtis Pearlymussel Best Management Practices

Manage your Missouri streams to help this endangered species. More


Truncilla truncata
A common mussel in some areas, deertoe have decorative green markings. More


Photograph of Ebonyshell freshwater mussel shell exterior view
Fusconaia ebena
At one time the most valuable shell to the commercial button industry, the ebonyshell is now classified as Endangered in Missouri and is a candidate for federal Endangered status. More

Ebonyshell (Inside of Shell)

Photograph of Ebonyshell freshwater mussel shell interior view
Interior view of Ebonyshell, a freshwater mussel. More