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Muskie Catch-and-Release Poster

This catch-and-release poster features six tips for catching and releasing muskie so you don't get hurt, and you don't hurt them. More

Muskie Fishing

Fisheries biologist Mike Anderson shows muskie caught at lake pomme de terre
Learn the equipment and methods necessary to catch Missouri's fierce, elusive muskie. More

Muskie Management Plan

Download and browse Missouri's muskie management plan. More

Muskie Weight Chart

Use this weight chart estimate the weight of your catch based on its length and girth. More

Show-Me Muskie Project Daily Trip Record Form

Download and print out this form to help you record your daily trips for the Show-Me muskie project. More

Show-Me Muskie Project Enrollment Form

Complete and return this form to enroll in the Show-Me Muskie Project. More

Tiger Muskellunge (Tiger Muskie)

Color illustration of the tiger muskie, a long, narrow game fish
Esox masquinongy x E. lucius (a hybrid fish)
Tiger muskies, being the hybrid offspring of muskellunge and northern pike, are sterile and unable to reproduce. They sometimes appear naturally in waters inhabited by both parent species, but they are also produced artificially in hatcheries for stocking purposes. More

Tiger Muskie

Color illustration of the tiger muskie, a long, narrow game fish
The tiger muskie is a game fish in Missouri. More