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White-Lined Sphinx Moth

White-Lined Sphinx

Hyles lineata
This moth sometimes confuses people because it flies, hovers, and eats from flowers like a hummingbird—but it has antennae! Find out more about this fascinating moth and its relatives.

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Photo of a Xanthotype sp.

Xanthotype Geometers

Xanthotype spp.
“Zantho-tippies” are named for their yellow color (“xantho” means yellow). “Geometer” means earth-measurer, for their “inchworm” caterpillars.

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Photo of a Yellow-Collared Scape Moth

Yellow-Collared Scape Moth

Cisseps fulvicollis
Actually, this moth is more often “orange-collared.” And whether you think it looks more like a firefly or a wasp, it’s still a moth!

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