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Photo of a Painted Lichen Moth

Painted Lichen Moth

Hypoprepia fucosa
An attractive moth associated with woodlands, this species can be recognized by the distinctive pattern of gray stripes on the forewings.

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image of Plume Moth on blade of grass

Plume Moths

Numerous species in the family Pterophoridae (plume moths)
These slim, delicate moths are instantly recognizable by their T-shaped silhouette, long legs, and muted shades of tan and brown. Plume moths are most commonly seen from spring through fall.

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Photo of a Polyphemus Moth

Polyphemus Moth

Antheraea polyphemus
The second-largest Missouri moth is named after the giant one-eyed monster of Homer’s Odyssey. Note the big eyespot on each hindwing!

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Photo of a Red-Fringed Emerald

Red-Fringed Emerald

Nemoria bistriaria
A common moth in Missouri, this emerald has two color forms depending on the season: In spring, they’re tan. In summer, they’re green.

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Image of a silver-spotted skipper

Silver-Spotted Skipper

Epargyreus clarus
In a large, worldwide family that contains several thousand species, the silver-spotted skipper is one of the easiest to identify in our state.

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