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Luna Moth

Photo of a Luna Moth
Actias luna
This beautiful moth’s distinctive lime-green color and long tails distinguish it from all other North American moths. More

Magdalen Underwing

Photo of a Magdalen Underwing
Catocala illecta
Underwing moths are named for their brightly colored hindwings, which are usually hidden beneath the dull brown camouflage of the forewings. More

Magdalen Underwing (Catocala illecta)

Photo of a Magdalen Underwing
Dozens of moths in the genus Catocala live in Missouri. Almost all of them have drab tan forewings that conceal bright orange, red, yellowish or pinkish hindwings with contrasting bold dark patterns. More

Morning-Glory Prominent

Photo of a Morning-Glory Prominent
Schizura ipomoeae
This common moth is easily overlooked in Missouri’s woods: The caterpillars mimic curled, dead edges on the leaves they feed on, and the adults blend in with tree bark. More

Mystery of the Sphinx

Among Missouri’s insects, sphinx moths can appear to be part hummingbird, part bat and part moth. More
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Orange Wing

Photo of an Orange Wing
Mellilla xanthometata
This moth’s bright orange hindwings identify it, even in flight. It’s abundant in all regions of Missouri. More

Painted Lichen Moth

Photo of a Painted Lichen Moth
Hypoprepia fucosa
An attractive moth associated with woodlands, this species can be recognized by the distinctive pattern of gray stripes on the forewings. More