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Photo of a Eight-Spotted Forester

Eight-Spotted Forester

Alypia octomaculata
This spiffy, butterfly-like moth is a fast, darting flyer and dazzles the eye when it flitters around flowers.

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Image of a Cecropia moth.

Flutterly Fascinating

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Moths are not all brown, and they're not at all boring.

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Image of a gypsy moth

Gypsy Moth

Lymantria dispar
Accidentally introduced to the eastern United States from Europe, this species has been responsible for millions of dollars in damages to forests. You can help specialists to protect our forests by learning how to recognize the gypsy moth and its larvae and reporting any occurrences you find.

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Gypsy Moth Trap

Gypsy Moth & Missouri

These hungry insects aren't in Missouri yet, but they will drastically alter our forests if and when they arrive. Learn to avoid spreading these destructive forest pests.

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