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Image of a monarch

Butterflies and Moths

Learn about Missouri's beautiful and important butterflies and moths.

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Image of a Cecropia moth.

Cecropia Moth

Hyalophora cecropia
The largest moth native to our continent, the cecropia moth is butterfly-like. Note, however, its feathery antennae and stout, hairy body.

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Photo of a Celery Looper

Celery Looper

Anagrapha falcifera
Unless this moth rests on a brick wall or vinyl siding, you are unlikely to see it. Its camouflage makes it look like a dead leaf!

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Photo of a Chickweed Geometer

Chickweed Geometer

Haematopis grataria
This colorful, butterfly-like moth flies during the day. It’s called a geometer (“earth measurer”) because the larvae are “inchworms” that loop their bodies with each “step” they take.

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Clothes Moths Undressed

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The secretive clothes moth shares our dwellings and feeds on our clothes.

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A photo of a Clover Looper.

Clover Looper

Caenurgina crassiuscula
Loopers are named for their caterpillars, which are inchworms that “walk” by “looping” their bodies. This species eats clover.

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