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Quadrula nodulata
This favored habitat of this vulnerable species is large streams or rivers in firm sand and mud. The bumps on the shell may help to anchor it in the river bottom. More

When Clams Go Fishing

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Missouri mussels rely on remarkable tricks to help their offspring hitch a ride on fishes. More

White Heelsplitter

white heelsplitter
Lasmigona complanata
The shell of this mollusk is large and impressive in overall size. Although fairly flat, it can be more than 8 inches long. A large wing on the heelsplitter can be painful if you step on it. More

Yellow Sandshell

yellow sandshell
Lampsilis teres
The uniform shell thickness and hard, white nacre made this mussel a favorite for button manufacturing, in the days before most buttons were made of plastic. More

YouTube: Zebra Mussels

Learn more about Zebra mussels with this video. More

Zebra Mussel

Zebra Mussel
Dreissena polymorpha
Shells with alternating light and dark bands give these highly invasive non-native freshwater mussels their common name. Learn to identify them so you can avoid spreading them to your favorite lake, pond or stream. More

Zebra mussels found at Smithville Lake, treatment pending

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Clay County Parks, the City of Smithville, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Conservation Department working to monitor lake and contain spread of this invasive species. More

Zebra Mussels Invasive Species Fact Sheet

Use this print-and-carry sheet to identify and avoiding spreading highly destructive zebra mussels in Missouri. More