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MDC to destroy zebra mussels found in Smithville Lake

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Treatment of cove is scheduled for Aug. 10. More

Mini Monsters "Musseling" into Missouri

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The mussels are coming! The mussels are coming! More

Missouri Zebra-Mussel Infestation Map

This map shows areas in Missouri known and potentially infested with the zebra mussel. More

Missouri's Freshwater Mussels

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These intricate and colorful bottom dwellers face new threats. More


Quadrula metanevra
Finding the monkey’s face in this mussel's shell is left up to the imagination. More


Actinonaias ligamentina
One of the most widespread and numerous mussels in southern Missouri. More

Musseling the Mussel Fork

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These sedentary bottom dwellers influenced the past and now tell us about the health of our streams. More

New tests find no zebra mussels at Pomme de Terre Lake

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Photo of zebra mussels.
Boaters and anglers play critical roles in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species. More

Paper Pondshell (Paper Floater)

paper pondshell
Utterbackia imbecillis
Unlike most other freshwater mussels, this species is hermaphrodic: An individual mussel can be both male and female. More

Pearls of the Gasconade

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Surveying mussels to monitor the well-being of Missouri's waterways. More