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Fathead Minnow

Image of a fathead minnow
Pimephales promelas
A chubby minnow with a blunt, rounded snout and short, rounded fins. Dusky stripe along the midside and a spot at the base of the tail fin. Occurs in streams of all sizes, but most abundant in pools of small prairie creeks, because of its tolerance for high temperatures, extreme turbidity and low oxygen. More

Fathead Minnows in New Ponds

This Aquaguide shows you how to stock fathead minnows as forage fish in your new Missouri pond or lake. More

Flathead Chub

Color illustration of Flathead Chub
Platygobio gracilis
This active, big-river fish formerly occurred along the entire length of the Missouri River. In the 1940s, it constituted 31 percent of all small fishes in the Missouri River! By the early 1980s, that figure was 1.1 percent. Today, it has all but vanished from our state. More

Golden Shiner

Image of a golden shiner
Notemigonus crysoleucas
Deep-bodied minnow, back greenish-olive with a faint dusky stripe along the midline. Sides are golden or silvery, and the belly is silvery white. Has a fleshy “keel” along midline of the belly from the anus forward to the pelvic fin bases. More

Hornyhead Chub

Image of a hornyhead chub fish
Nocomis biguttatus
Moderately large, slender minnow with a rather large nearly horizontal mouth. Back and upper sides are olive-brown with large dark-edged scales. Lower sides and belly are yellowish-white. More

Live Bait Dealers

You can buy worms, crickets, and lures anywhere, but professional live-bait dealers help keep invasive species out of Missouri. Find registered live-bait dealers here. More

Niangua Darter Best Management Practices

Manage your Missouri streams to help this endangered species. More

Ozark Minnow

ozark minnow
Notropis nubilus
Small, slender minnow with dark yellow-olive back and upper sides. Dark-edged scales. Lower sides are silvery with a prominent dusky stripe at midline that extends forward past the eye. More

Red Shiner

Image of a red shiner
Cyprinella lutrensis
The most abundant and widely distributed minnow in the prairie region of north and west Missouri, the red shiner inhabits a variety of habitats, from riffles to quiet pools. More

Redfin Darter Best Management Practices

Manage your Missouri streams to help this endangered species. More