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Image of a monarch


Danaus plexippus
Monarchs are well-known butterflies distinguished by their relatively large size, rusty or orange wings with black veins, and black bodies. The larvae usually are found on milkweeds.

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Moving Monarchs

Unlike the more familiar bird migrations, monarch migration is a multi-generational endeavor.

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Season of Change

Enjoy the fall season outdoors.

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upland sandpapier

The Odyssey Birds

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A bevy of migrating shorebirds sojourn in Missouri.

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Water Flowing Into Pool 1

Watered-down Success

Well, the rain finally came … about four months late in some respects, but it came. This last weekend’s rain was the most precipitation Duck Creek has received this winter. We received just a shade under 3 inches, while folks 30 miles south of us picked almost twice that much. So what happened with the water levels at Duck Creek?

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Waterfowl say it’s spring as they head north

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A bonanza for wildlife watchers is at hand as hundreds of thousands of snow geese and other waterfowl are stopping at wetlands and lakes as they head north to summer breeding grounds.

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Widget Your Way to Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl Maps

Last year I noted the handy new map on our website that showed deer harvest totals by county.

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