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What I see has to be science fiction straight out of an artist's imagination. More

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Each October, hundreds of thousands of migrating ducks return to Missouri's wetlands. More

Duck Migration Site Locations

This one-page map shows more than 180 areas in the United States and Canada that contribute to the duck-migration report. More

Here Come the Neo-tropicals

Image of a rose-breasted grosbeak
You don't have to know all the names of birds to enjoy them, but if learning their names is a goal, taking them three at a time makes the task much more manageable. More

Hummers on Their Way

Ruby-throated hummingbird in flight
It’s not too early to visit an interesting website that annually tracks the spring migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds. More

Hummingbird Numbers Increasing

Missouri’s hummingbird feeders should become busier places in the next few weeks, as additional ruby-throated hummingbirds move into our area from more northern states. More

Hummingbirds Are Back!

One of my favorite websites to visit each spring shows a map of the spring return of ruby-throated hummingbirds to the eastern United States. More

Least Tern

Image of a least tern
Sternula antillarum
Originally, this water bird lived on islands, beaches and sandbars in big rivers, but as these areas have become rare, least terns have been forced to “make do” with dredge islands, dikefields, sandpits and gravel roads atop levees. Because of their habitat loss, they are now endangered. More

Mallard Migration

Every week from late September to early February, more than 100 experts in North American's central flyway rank the progress of mallard migration in their areas. We compile their data to bring you a map showing the status of the mallard migration. More

Missouri's Shorebirds

A photo of a black-necked stilt.
With its large areas of mudflats and shallow water, the northwest region is your best bet for seeing shorebirds in Missouri. More