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Photo of a mayfly
There are hundreds of species in North America.
The mayflies are a fascinating group of insects. The nymphs live from months to years under water, breathing through gills, and the adults fly around in the air, mating, living for only a day or two. More

Mayfly (Adult)

Photo of a mayfly
Adult mayflies are slender and soft-bodied, with four membranous, extensively veined wings that are held upright and together. Two long, threadlike cerci extend from the tip of the abdomen. More

Mayfly (Adult) On Leaf

Photo of adult mayfly on a leaf
Adult mayflies are usually found near water, since they last such a brief time, are aquatic in their juvenile stages, and must lay eggs in water. More

Mayfly (Adult) Perched Under Leaf

image of a Mayfly
Once they become winged adults, mayflies only live a few days. The adults’ only function is to reproduce. When they emerge in swarms, they can provoke feeding frenzies among fish. More

Mayfly Naiad

Photo of mayfly nymph
The naiads (nymphs) of mayflies somewhat resemble the adults, though they lack wings and have a series of leaflike gills attached below the abdomen. More

Mayfly Naiad Crawling on Rock Underwater

Photo of a mayfly naiad crawling on rock underwater
Mayfly naiads (nymphs) often have flattened heads that help them to adhere to rocks in fast-flowing water. There are 3 (sometimes 2) long cerci extending from the abdomen tip. More

The Fishing Bug

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Finding mayflies in a stream is usually a sign that the fishing will be good. More