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Sap Boiling at Rockwoods Maple Sugar Festival

Sap Boiling at Rockwoods Maple Sugar Festival
MDC Naturalist Terri Eggers offers samples of real maple sugar as sap boils in copper pots at the 2011 Rockwoods Maple Sugar Festival, simulating the way colonists created maple sugar and syrup. More

Strain Your Sap

Straining sap through a wire mesh coffee filter into a large blue water jug
To keep bugs and debris out of your sap, strain it through a wire mesh coffee filter. More

Sugar on Snow at Rockwoods Reservation Maple Sugar Festival

Sugar on Snow at Rockwoods Reservation Maple Sugar Festival
“Sugar on Snow” is a unique, toffee-like candy produced when hot maple syrup mixes with snow. Visitors at Rockwoods Reservation’s Maple Sugar Festival have the opportunity to taste this treat. More

Syrup Grades

four pints of maple syrup, graded from light on the left to dark on the right
Maple syrup is graded according to color and flavor. The lighter color and flavor syrups are generally preferred over the darker, robust flavored syrups and are also generally more expensive when purchased at the grocery store. But don’t worry about following the crowd. Personal opinion reign supreme on how light or robust you like your syrup. Try them all! More

Taps and Bits

Different kinds of maple sugaring taps and bits
You can buy ready-made taps or make your own. The lower left wooden tap has a hole drilled through the length of it. Get a drill bit the same diameter as your tap to make a tight-fitting hole in the tree. Small diameter holes work just as well as larger, but will heal faster. More

Trees yield sweet treats at Rockwoods Maple Sugar Festival

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It’s a sweet time for family fun at Maple Sugar Festival. More

Utility Buckets and Water Jugs

Utility buckets and water jugs as maple sugar collectors
You can use utility water jugs to collect sap for transport. Pour the sap from several trees in a closed container for hauling to your cooking location. Sap can also be frozen in these jugs for up to one year for cooking later. More