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Gray Wolf (Timber Wolf)

Collared, grayish-tan wolf in open field
Canis lupus
The gray wolf originally ranged throughout Missouri, but with settlement the species was gradually exterminated. While there is no evidence of a breeding population in the state, wolves are listed as a protected species in Missouri, and they occasionally wander into Missouri from northern states. More

Groundhog Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control groundhog damage on your Missouri property. More

Groundhog Damage Control

Get helpful tips about groundhog damage control with this video. More

Have you seen a Franklin's?

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Hot on the trail of Missouri's naturally elusive ground squirrel. More

Houf Bull Elk

Bull Elk
Bull Elk in Open Woodland More

How Many Bears Are There In Missouri?

The Missouri Black Bear Project is collecting data from donut-loving black bears right here in the Shannon County area. More

Hunter admits shooting mountain lion in Ray County

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Conservation officials say no charges will be filed. More

Hunter shoots unusually large coyote in Northwest Missouri

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Large coyote
A Carroll County deer hunter shot a coyote weighing more than 100 pounds. More

Hunters shoot mountain lion near Macon

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image of dead mountain lion
Hunters say animal posed threat. Fourth recent confirmed report brings total to 14 in Missouri since 1994. More