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Elk Restoration Background

Browse the history of elk restoration in Missouri, including the management plan and frequently asked questions. More

Endangered Mammals Management Sheets

Browse and download best practices for managing your Missouri property for the black-tailed jackrabbit, gray bat, Indiana bat, and the Plains spotted skunk. More

Farewell to the Otter Show

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After a long successful series, the show’s sleek stars are retiring from the stage. More

Frozen Ticks and Chiggers?

After Missouri experienced some bitter cold temperatures during the first 10 days of the new year, I received questions regarding the effects of the low temperatures on this year’s populations of ticks, chiggers, armadillos and insects. More

Get Help Before the Bear Gets Your Honey

Dave Hamilton, our furbearer biologist, was working last week to help spread the word on what we can do to live with black bears. More

Gray Bat

Image of a gray bat
Myotis grisescens
Gray bats are difficult to distinguish from little brown bats and Indiana bats. The key identifying feature of the gray bat is that its wing is attached to the ankle and not at the base of the toes. More

Gray Fox

Image of a gray fox
Urocyon cinereoargenteus
There are two species of foxes in Missouri. The gray fox is more likely to be seen in the southern half of the state, climbs trees readily and is less desired by both fox hunters and fur trappers. More

Gray Fox

Image of a gray fox
Image of a gray fox. More