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Eastern Chipmunk

Image of an eastern chipmunk
Image of an eastern chipmunk. More

Eastern Chipmunk

Image of an eastern chipmunk
Tamias striatus
These sleek, attractive, active ground-dwelling squirrels live in tunnels but are generally out during the day, making them one of the few mammals that people can enjoy watching. More

Eastern Cottontail

Eastern cottontail rabbit in grassy field
Eastern cottontail rabbits are common in Missouri. More

Eastern Cottontail

Image of eastern cottontail
Sylvilagus floridanus
“Cottontail” describes the characteristic appearance of this rabbit's tail: when it is raised, the white undersurface is conspicuous and resembles a fluff of cotton. More

Eastern Mole

eastern mole
Scalopus aquaticus
These plush-furred, large-handed critters are infamous for disfiguring lawns as they tunnel belowground hunting for grubs and cutworms—many of which are also disliked by landscapers! More

Eastern Pipistrelle

Image of an eastern pipistrelle
Perimyotis subflavus (Pipistrellus subflavus)
One of the few kinds of mammals that people can watch, bats have suffered from misinformation and superstition for years. The only mammals capable of true flight, bats are greatly important in the natural scheme of things. More

Eastern Spotted Skunk

Image of a spotted skunk
Spilogale putorius
There are two species of skunks in Missouri, the more familiar striped skunk and the lesser-known spotted skunk. The spotted skunk has been declining drastically in recent years because of habitat loss. More


photo of an elk
Audio of elk in natural setting. More

Elk in Natural Setting

Video of elk in a natural setting. More

Elk Restoration

Plentiful before European settlement, elk disappeared from Missouri by 1865. In July 2010, the Department began restoring elk to a suitable area in southeast Missouri. Use these pages to follow Missouri's elk-restoration efforts. More