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Controversy in Times of Plenty

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From otterless to otterful, with hearty cheers and heartfelt complaints from every direction. More

Cottontail Rabbit Control

Eastern cottontail rabbit in grassy field
Learn to identify, prevent, and control cottontail-rabbit damage on your Missouri property. More

Cougar Tracks in Creekbed

Photo of confirmed cougar tracks in muddy creekbed
A landowner photographed these mountain lion tracks in northern Macon County in April 2011. More


coyote walking through grassland
Canis latrans
This much-maligned member of the dog family does a great service to the ecosystem by helping to hold populations of rabbits and mice in check. In addition, their yips and barks add auditory excitement to rural nights. More

Coyote Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control nuisance coyotes on your Missouri property. More

Coyote in Grassland

coyote walking through grassland
Occasionally mistaken for gray wolves, which are more than twice their size and are rarely seen in Missouri, coyotes are common in our state. If you see an exceptionally large coyote, it could be a gray wolf, which is protected under the Endangered Species Act. More

Cries in the Night

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There is much to learn about bats and their voices. More

Deer Mouse

image of a deer mouse
Photo of a deer mouse. More

DNA tests shed light on cougar, wolf sightings

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Results confirm ties to mountain lions from South Dakota and timber wolves from the Great Lakes states. More