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Our photographers have been busy exploring the intricacies of the Missouri outdoors. See if you can guess this month’s natural wonder. More

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The shy, secretive and nocturnal opossum is seldom seen in the open. More


Photo of badger
Taxidea taxus
Excellent diggers, badgers are powerful predators of rodents in grasslands and other open areas. Identify them by their brawny build, impressive digging claws and the black and white pattern on their faces. More

Bat Control

Learn to prevent and control nuisance bats in your Missouri home or outbuildings. More

Bat Counts

See how bat surveys help us manage bats and caves around the state. More

Be bear aware in the Missouri outdoors

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Campers and landowners should prepare for black-bear encounters. More

Be Bear Wise in Missouri? Yes!

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Don’t let handouts, intentional or otherwise, create a 500-pound menace. More

Bear Reports

Although black bears are native to Missouri, they were nearly wiped out during settlement. Now they're making a comeback. Use this section to follow our black bear research project, report bear sightings, camp safely in bear country, and control nuisance bears. More

Bears at Hair Snare Sites

Spring 2011 - Video of black bears at "hair snare" research sites in southern Missouri. More


Beaver on land, chewing log
Castor canadensis
These semiaquatic rodents are distinguished by their large size, webbed hind feet and large, horizontally flattened tail that is covered with leathery scales. More