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Photo of lotus in pool at Duck Creek CA

American Lotus

Nelumbo lutea
American lotus is an aquatic plant with circular leaves that are held above water. The large yellow flowers have an interesting showerhead-like disk at the center.

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Photo of American lotus, young floating circular leaf

American Lotus (Floating Leaf)

American lotus is an aquatic plant that can cover large areas. The leaves are blue green, circular, without a V-shaped notch, extremely variable in size, to 2 feet wide, and can shed water. The stem is attached in the center. They are normally held above the water level on long stems, though young leaves float.

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Photo shows American lotus flower pod at Duck Creek CA

American Lotus Seedpod

You may have seen the American lotus flower's seedpod and just didn't know it. Also known as "yanqypin," the seedpod is used often floral arrangements.

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Photo shows water beading up on the surface of lotus leaves

Water Droplets on Lotus Leaf

The American lotus leaf's waxy covering combined with its microscopically undulating surface allows it to shed water quite easily. In the last two decades, engineers have mimicked nature’s microstructures to create water-repellant paints and coatings.

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