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Ron Tuttle, of Shannon County, is a professional logger. More

Call Before You Cut

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A forester can help you avoid woodland management mistakes that persist for decades. More

Current River railroad tie drive 1910

ties would choke the Current River in the early days of Ozarks timber harvesting
In the early days of timber harvest in the Ozarks, spring railroad tie drives would choke the Current River, disturbed fish spawning and made travel by boat impossible.  More


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"Letters" for the December 2010 Missouri Conservationist. More

Logging BMPs Protect Land And Water

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Protect valuable soil with Best Management Practices. More

MDC Storm-Damaged Salvage Timber Report

Local loggers and mill operators make lemonade from lemons, salvaging more than 12 million board feet of timber from 2009 tornadoes and wind storms. More

Missouri Conservation Forester in World Championship

I just heard some great news: when the U.S. team competes in the World Logging Championship in Germany next October, Jason Jensen, a resource forester for the Missouri Conservation Department, will be on it. More

New Conservation Education Center Opens in the Ozarks

A new gem of a place, Twin Pines Conservation Education Center, held its grand opening Saturday, April 19. More

Selling Walnut Timber

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Walnut Trees
An introduction to grading, selling, and logging your trees. More

Study shows forestry best management practices prevent erosion

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The Conservation Department got a surprising answer when it asked University of Missouri researchers to learn how much erosion its timber harvests were causing on conservation areas in the Ozarks. More