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Six-Lined Racerunner

Image of a six-lined racerunner lizard
Aspidoscelis sexlineatus
This fast, alert lizard is a ground dweller and don't usually climb trees. Also called "field-streaks" and "sand lappers," racerunners are close kin to the whiptail lizards you might know from the western United States. More

Snakes and Lizards Holding Their Own

Jeff Briggler, our herpetologist, stopped by the other day to mention the upcoming Year of the Frog. More

Southern Coal Skink

photo of juvenile southern coal skink
Plestiodon anthracinus pluvialis
Few people know about this secretive lizard. It has a wide, coal-black line along its sides. During the breeding season males have an orange head. More

Southern Coal Skink (Juvenile)

photo of juvenile southern coal skink
Juvenile southern coal skinks are black with faint lines running down the back and sides. They are about 2 inches long when they first hatch. More

Texas Horned Lizard

Phrynosoma cornutum
This is a rare species in Missouri, once living in several southwestern counties. The name comes from the large, specialized scales along the back of their head that look like horns. More

The Lizards of Missouri

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We have nothing to fear from Missouri's 13 species of lizards More

Western Slender Glass Lizard

Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus
Missouri's longest species of lizard is often called a "glass snake" because it is long, slender, and legless. However, glass lizards are true lizards, with eyelids and ear openings; snakes have neither of these characteristics. More

Where The Real Wild Things Are 01/01/2011 image 36

photo of Eastern Collared lizard
Photo of Eastern Collared lizard. More