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Award for Recycling at Conservation Center

I don’t know many people whose skills extend from car mechanic to science teacher, hunter education instructor, manager of a conservation education center and now recycler extraordinaire. More

Best Laid Plans of Birds and Men . . .

Good intentions have been known to go astray, and here’s another example. More

Help Bash Trash in April

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photo of Peanut the red-eared slider turtle
The annual Trash Bash is an annual event sponsored by the Missouri Departments of Conservation (MDC) and Transportation (MoDOT) as part of their ongoing No MOre Trash! campaign. During the entire month of April, efforts are aimed at getting people to clean up litter all across Missouri from roadsides, parks, neighborhoods, rivers, streams and other places. More

How to Conduct a Litter Pickup Stream Style

This publication shows your Stream Team how to conduct a stream-litter pickup. More

If the Missouri River Could Talk...

… it would utter a thunderous “THANK YOU” to those who helped orchestrate dozens of river cleanup events in recent years. More

Keeping Missouri Clean: No MOre Trash

I’m disgusted. Someone dumped their trash along my road. More


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"Letters" for the January 2012 Conservationist. More

Litter Hurts Wildlife: Skunk in a Box

Whoever tossed out that empty cocoa box probably thought nothing about it. More

Missouri Students Can the Litter

It’s that time of year when litter blows about on the bare ground and it’s so very obvious, so very ugly. More

MO schools invited to help fight litter through “No MOre Trash!” contest

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MDC and MoDOT sponsor 2011 Trash-Can Decorating Contest. More info at More