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Create Your Own Naturescape

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You can create an intriguing space woven with greens and textures and dotted with brilliant colors by planting native grasses and wildflowers. More

Deer Gardening

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Can gardeners and white-tailed deer coexist? More

Free Publications

Download this form to order dozens of publications about habitat improvement, Missouri native wildlife and plants, fishing and hunting, and special volunteer programs. Note: you must be a Missouri resident to receive our free printed publications. More

Gardening With Water

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Attract more creatures to your garden with a water garden. More

Grow Native!

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Choose hardy native species for naturally beautiful landscapes teeming with wildlife. More

Grow Native! program takes root with Missouri Prairie Foundation

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Purple Coneflower
A special ceremony “transplanting” Grow Native! to its new home will be on Aug. 30 following presentation by Doug Tallamy, acclaimed author of "Bringing Nature Home." More

Inviting Wild Neighbors In

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Even a small yard can attract wildlife. More

Marines mobilize in St. Louis this week for conservation-friendly service project

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The United States Marines will throw down their M-16s and deploy rakes, shovels and hoes to complete Phase I of a demonstration garden at Operation Brightside Headquarters at Kingshighway Boulevard and Vandeventer Avenue. They hope to help St. Louis homeowners and builders see firsthand landscaping practices that can yield both ecological and economical benefits. More

MDC co-sponsors native landscaping workshop at Powder Valley

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blackeyed susan
Learn practical techniques on landscaping with native plants at March 31 workshop. More

Mulch — Your Tree's Best Friend

Mulch helps provide the tree nutrients and keeps soil temperatures low, protecting its root system. More