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A Guide to Missouri's Cave Life

Get to know the seventy cave species brought to light in this 40-page booklet. More

An Underground Adventure

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A Boy Scout field trip molded a generation of conservationists. More

Below Missouri Karst

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Eons in the making, Missouri's geology naturally gives rise to caves. More

Building on Karst Best Practices

To protect Missouri's cave wildlife and water quality, use best practices when building on karst topography. More

Cave Pioneers

See how these pioneers have laid the groundwork for continuing cave exploration. More


Find Missouri caves that are open to the public, as well as info on cave formation, cave-dependent wildlife, state cave regulations and caving groups. More

Conservation Goes Underground

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Caves have unique rock formations, fragile species of wildlife and cool, clear, flowing waters. More

Conserving an Ozark Cave

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Landowners and scientists restore the famous Tumbling Creek Cave. More

Figure Ge02: Karst Features

Map of karst features on Big Piney watershed More

Karst Groundwater

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Our unique water recharge system brings pollution perils. More