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Burn Boss

burn boss with drip torch in front of fire
MDC Burn Boss Tom Jingst has one of the hottest jobs in the world. He leads a crew that starts and puts out prescribed fires. When used carefully, fire can keep shrubs out of grasslands, create forest openings so young trees get sunlight, and provide habitat for animals. More


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Conservation Agent

agent holding bluegill with girl angler in background
Ray County Conservation Agent Tammy Pierson includes helping kids discover nature through free fishing programs among her job duties with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Conservation agents enforce the Wildlife Code of Missouri and also help the public through a variety of activities such as educational programs, nuisance wildlife problems, and land management issues. “No two days are ever the same,” Pierson says. “That’s one of the best things about being a conservation agent.” More

Conservation Agent Career

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Express Scripts National Preferred Formulary

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Fisheries Biologist

biologist in snorkel and mask holding net and small darter (fish)
Doug Novinger loves his job keeping tabs on the rare Niangua darter. "I get to swim in beautiful Ozark streams, see tons of amazing animals and study one of the world's rarest fishes," he says. "What could beat that?" More

Fisheries Biologist

biologist holding an alligator gar, a long, spotted, toothy fish
Part of Chris Kennedy's job as a fisheries biologist is to learn more about alligator gar so he can help preserve their habitat. “Restoring a healthy river system helps us all,” Chris says. “The more wetlands and floodplains we have, the cleaner the water will be. That helps the fish and us.” More


biologist holding
“As a boy, I was scared of snakes,” says Jeff Briggler, pictured here with a Great Plains ratsnake. When he finally found the nerve to pick one up, he was startled by how silky smooth it felt. In college, Jeff learned that scientists still had many unanswered questions about reptiles and amphibians. He’s been working to answer those questions ever since.   More

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