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Asian Longhorned Beetle With Exit Hole

Photo of an Asian longhorned beetle on a log near its exit hole
The Asian longhorned beetle lives for three years as a larva or pupa before it matures. When the adult beetle emerges, it leaves behind a hole 3/8 inch in diameter. Wood shavings may be found around the base of infested trees or coming out of the hole. More

Asian Silver Carp

Gathering the main ingredient for an Asian carp eat-a-thon was easy, as silver carp eagerly volunteered. More

Autumn Olive

Invasive autumn olive in fruit
Elaeagnus umbellata
This shrub can be found all over the state, since it was planted widely with the best of intentions. Despite its “pros,” this species has proven to be very invasive. It threatens native ecosystems and should not be planted. More

Autumn Olive (Fruit)

Autumn Olive, fruit
Fruits ripen from pink to red, with speckles. They are finely dotted with pale scales and are produced in abundance each year. More

Autumn Olive (Underside of Leaf)

Autumn olive, underside of leaf
The lower surface is covered with silvery white scales, a conspicuous characteristic that can be seen from a distance. More

Autumn Olive Control

Invasive autumn olive in fruit
Learn to identify and control this highly invasive non-native shrubby tree in Missouri. More

Autumn Olive Invasive Species Fact Sheet

Learn how to identify and control autumn olive, an invasive shrub that degrades native wildlife habitat throughout most of Missouri. More

Avian Aliens

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Starlings and house sparrows have found a home in the U.S. More

Bachman's Sparrow Best Management Practices

Manage your Missouri land to help this endangered species. More

Bighead Carp

Image of a bighead carp
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis
This invasive Asian carp is not as frequent a jumper as its cousin, the silver carp, but it also leaps from the water when disturbed, threatening boaters' safety. More