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Photo of zebra mussels.

Most of Missouri remains zebra-mussel free

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Uninfested waters underline the importance of precautions against spreading the exotic invader.

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South American Catfish

No Dumping

Missouri waterways are troubled by illegal aquarium dumping.

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Not of This State

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What the Department of Conservation is doing to protect our waters from aquatic nuisance species.

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Nutria in wetland habitat


Invasive South American nutria in wetland habitat.

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Protect Missouri’s Fishing

Learn simple things you can do to protect Missouri’s waters from aquatic invaders, read up on fishing ethics and safety, browse fishing management plans, and find wader-washing stations.

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Scored fish fillets are ready for breading and cooking.

Ready for the Pan

This close-up photo shows two fish fillets ready for frying.

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Image of a silver carp

Silver Carp

Hypophthalmichthys molitrix
This large, silvery fish is an invasive, non-native carp that causes lots of problems. It is illegal to use this fish as live bait. Do not collect, transport, or dump it. Related to the bighead carp, but with the head relatively smaller, and eyes higher on head. Keel extends forward to base of pectoral fins. No dark splotches.

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Fried golden brown, these carp fillets are tempting morsels.

Tempting Morsels

This photo shows Asian carp fillets fried to a tempting golden brown.

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Twelve-year-old Hayden Crouch is proudly holding his state-record gizzard shad.

Two anglers score hits on open fishing records

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One record-setting angler plans to tackle invasive carp next.

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