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Aquatic Vegetation Management

Ten Aquaguides and other resources help you learn how to manage your Missouri pond's vegetation. More

Asian Carp Cleaning

Vince Travnichek and Jackson Landers prepare Asian carp for cooking.
Vince Travnichek and Jackson Landers are using an electric knife and a filet knife to prepare carp for cooking. More

Asian Carp Control

Because black, silver carp and bighead carp are non-native Asian fish that can cause big problems, it's illegal to use them as live bait in Missouri. Keep them from spreading to your favorite sport-fishing water. More

Asian Silver Carp

Gathering the main ingredient for an Asian carp eat-a-thon was easy, as silver carp eagerly volunteered. More

Boatlift Removal

Photo of zebra-mussel-infested boatlift removed from Smithville Lake
Photo of zebra-mussel-infested boatlift removed from Smithville Lake. More

Boulder Booger

Photo of large didymo clump
This invasive species of algae, commonly known as "rock snot," forms large mats on the bottoms of lakes, river and streams. More


photo of didymo
“Didymo” or “rock snot” is an invasive alga that forms large, thick mats on the bottom of lakes and streams, smothering aquatic life vital to the food chain that supports many fish species, including trout. More


Photo of man holding a wad of didymo
Didymosphenia geminata, an invasive algae, forms slimy mats that smother fish eggs and makes water sports unpleasant. More

Don't Spread Crayfish

large green and rusty-brown grayfish
Invasive crayfish are a serious problem in Missouri and prevention is key. Don't buy, sell, relocate or dump live crayfish. More