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Black Giant Ichneumon Wasp (Female)

image of Black Giant Ichneumon Wasp on tree trunk
The black giant ichneumon wasp, Megarhyssa atrata, belongs to a genus called the “giant ichneumons.” The female’s body can be 1½ inches long, and her ovipositor 5 inches long. The larvae parasitize the larvae of wood-boring insects. Look for this species in deciduous forests. More

Black Swallowtail (Parsnip Swallowtail)

Photo of a Black Swallowtail, Male, Wings Spread
Papilio polyxenes
Most gardeners meet this swallowtail sooner or later, because parsley, carrot, fennel and dill are favorite food plants of the caterpillars! More

Black-and-Yellow Lichen Moth

Photo of a Black-and-Yellow Lichen Moth
Lycomorpha pholus
The “black-and-yellow” part of the name is obvious! The “lichen” part refers to the caterpillars’ food—plus their camouflage. More

Black-Bordered Lemon Moth

Image of a Black-Bordered Lemon Moth
Marimatha nigrofimbria
This Missouri moth has lustrous yellow forewings with a black edge. It is one of our noctuid, or owlet moths. More