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image of Black Giant Ichneumon Wasp on tree trunk

Black Giant Ichneumon Wasp (Female)

The black giant ichneumon wasp, Megarhyssa atrata, belongs to a genus called the “giant ichneumons.” The female’s body can be 1½ inches long, and her ovipositor 5 inches long. The larvae parasitize the larvae of wood-boring insects. Look for this species in deciduous forests.

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Photo of a Black Swallowtail, Male, Wings Spread

Black Swallowtail (Parsnip Swallowtail)

Papilio polyxenes
Most gardeners meet this swallowtail sooner or later, because parsley, carrot, fennel and dill are favorite food plants of the caterpillars!

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Photo of a Black-and-Yellow Lichen Moth

Black-and-Yellow Lichen Moth

Lycomorpha pholus
The “black-and-yellow” part of the name is obvious! The “lichen” part refers to the caterpillars’ food—plus their camouflage.

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Image of a Black-Bordered Lemon Moth

Black-Bordered Lemon Moth

Marimatha nigrofimbria
This Missouri moth has lustrous yellow forewings with a black edge. It is one of our noctuid, or owlet moths.

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Photo of a meloe blister beetle, female, on ground

Blister Beetles

More than 400 species in North America north of Mexico
The name is a warning—blister beetles are famous for their chemical defenses. Beetles in this family can exude an oil that can cause a person’s skin to blister.

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