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A Book of Bugs

I was showing my 84-year-old mother-in-law, Joan, the incredible book, “Show-Me Bugs,” that the Missouri Department of Conservation produced. More

A Taste of Chitin

When life hands you cicadas, cover them with chocolate. That’s what Julie Love in our Protection Division did last week. More

Abundant Dragonflies

Dragonflies have been massing in recent weeks, some for long-distance migration. More

Acrobat Ants

image of acrobat ants on a leaf
Acrobat ants (Crematogaster spp.) have a heart-shaped abdomen. When disturbed, they raise up their abdomens and ooze pungent formic acid at their attacker. (The name “formic acid” comes from the Latin word for ant, formica.) They eat aphids' honeydew, living and dead insects, protein from bird and other droppings, and sugary or meaty foods. Sometimes they build nests in people’s houses. There are about 30 species of acrobat ants in North America. More

Adult Damselfly

Photo of an adult damselfly on a twig next to water.
Adult damselflies have very slender, elongated abdomens, delicate bodies, and 2 pairs of wings that are typically held together over the body. Adult damselflies are usually found near water. More

Adult Damselfly Eating Insect

Photo of an adult damselfly eating an insect
The legs of damselflies are held in a basket shape during flight, which is perfect for grasping small flying insects. More

Adult Periodical Cicadas

Adult Periodical Cicadas
Photo of adult Periodical Cicadas. More

Aerial Assault

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In summer, the bug battle begins in earnest. More