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S2's big buck

Sterling Scott, Jr.'s big buck
Sterling Scott, Jr., has a passion for hunting that took his dad by surprise. More

Small Game Harvest Survey

This semiannually updated survey reports hunter and harvest numbers for rabbit, squirrel, quail, dove, pheasant, woodcock, crow, groundhog, raccoon, gray fox, red fox, coyote, bobcat, opossum, ducks and Canada and snow geese. New reports appear in late summer of odd-numbered years. More

Sterling Scott Junior's First Turkey

Sterling Scott Junior with his first turkey
Sterling Scott Junior shot this turkey while hunting on his own. More

Take a Youth Hunting

Late October brings the beginning of several special opportunities for experienced hunters to mentor the younger generation. More

The "Firsts"

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Our most memorable hunts stay with us, especially when shared with family. More

The Family That Hunts Together...

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The shared language of turkey talk keeps the Parnell family close.   More

The future of hunting 2.0

Justin and Julian Floyd enjoy time in the deer stand with their dad
Citizens are charging ahead in a campaign launched by the Conservation Department. More

The Payoff

Photo of Kyle Hedges accepting a woodcock from his English setter, Tess.
Photo of Kyle Hedges accepting a woodcock from his English setter, Tess. More

The Threshold of Goneness

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A survival manual for living peacefully with a non-hunting and fishing spouse. More

The Way to Better Shotgun Skills

Part of being a good hunter means honing your skills so every shot you take counts. With the cost of ammunition rising, the incentive to do that just keeps growing too. More