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Hunting the Big Open

Dogs and hunters work a big prairie
Three hunters work a large, open prairie using bird dogs. More

Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact Brings the Pain!

This poacher lost his hunting privileges until age 92! More

Keeping Our Outdoor Heritage Alive

Brisk autumn air is finally here! In the next few months, hundreds of thousands of Missourians will be taking to the woods and fields to enjoy it in all sorts of ways. More

Late Season Hunt “Spurs” Conservation Thoughts

Skyler Bockman posing with his 2014 spring turkey harvest
Spring brings new sights and experiences, especially for one naturalist’s early morning turkey hunt. More


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"Letters" for the December 2010 Missouri Conservationist. More

Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Permit Order Form

Downloadable Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Permit order form. More

Lure of the Traditional Bow

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Traditional bowhunting is gaining in popularity. More

Making Sense Out of Hunting

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Hunting is woodsmoke and fall leaves and distant hounds and birds exploding under your feet. More

Man out of Time

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"We hunted everything. If we weren't hunting, we were fishing or trapping." More

MDC Honor Permits for Veterans of the Global War on Terror

If you bought a Missouri hunting or fishing permit, and then couldn't use it for the full valid season because you were called to military duty out of state, this benefit qualifies you for a free reinstatement of this permit privilege upon your return. More