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Onboard for Online

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Busy students can now study for Hunter Education Certification through the Internet. More

Pulling Rifle into Deer Stand Safely

Father and son safely pull rifle up into stand while deer hunting.
Father and son safely pull rifle up into stand while deer hunting. More


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"Reflections" for the December 2006 Missouri Conservationist. More

Safe Turkey Hunting

Follow the basic rules for safe turkey hunting and avoid hunting accidents. More

Safety in Numbers

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The Missouri Hunter Education Program celebrates 50 YEARS and 1 MILLION graduates. More

Safety-consciousness especially important for dove hunters this year

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dove in hand with banded leg
Fewer dove fields and a weekend opener will mean more hunters per field. More

The Wearing of the Orange

Hunter Education
Archers and gun hunters alike should use extra caution during the new alternative-methods portion of firearms deer season. More

Tips for a Safe and Ethical Deer Season

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11-2010 Conservationist 10
It's one of the best seasons of the year - make it a safe one. More

To Scope or not to Scope

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Whether you choose telescopic sights or not, you still need practice time at the range. More

Tree Stand Safety

Follow these safety tips to avoid getting hurt when you hunt from elevated tree stands. More