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'Twas the Night Before Hunting Season

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Hunting is as exciting as a holiday, but we have to act responsibly to protect ourselves and our sport. More

A Clean Shot

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Shotgun and shooting fundamentals to help hunters bag a turkey. More

A Morning to Remember

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A close call results in a somber safety lesson for father and son. More

A New, Old Way to Hunt

Bow Hunting
Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or just an escape from the tree-stand, hunting from the ground can add all new elements to your hunt. More
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Deer-Hunting Tips

Mother and daughter hunting deer with rifle
Browse tips for safe, successful Missouri deer hunting using firearms or archery methods. More

Hunter Education and Safety

Hunter education is required in Missouri, and it qualifies you to buy a firearms hunting permit. Browse topics below to find hunter-education opportunities near you and online. More

Hunter Ethics and Safety

Avoid hurting yourself and others while hunting. This page helps you practice safe, ethical hunting in Missouri. More


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"Letters" for the January 2011 Missouri Conservationist. More

MDC offers deer-hunting safety tips

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This year’s top tip is to watch out for the hunter in the mirror. More

MDC offers turkey hunting safety tips

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Turkey hunting is getting safer, thanks to the efforts of volunteer hunter-education instructors. More